Case studies on how to attract and retain the best people and competing with Google (& Others!) for talent.

Interactive sessions: putting people at the heart of everything; why culture change matters so much; and diversity & inclusion in maintenance and reliability teams.

Workshops: what the maintenance professional of the future looks like; and how to creating a reliability culture.

It’s all about people. No investment in new technology, processes or programs will successfully transform asset management should your people be unable to come along on the journey.


'2-for-1' tickets are a reward for buying your tickets early. You can purchase as many as you like, and to make it easy for you, we don't need names until June. '2-for-1' tickets are offered to Asset/Reliability practitioners (not consultants or service providers).

'2-for-1' tickets are available for the first 100 bookings only and always sell out.

“The most innovative, informative and inspiring Asset and Reliability Conference in Australia”


The world has changed. And the asset management shift is on. For the first time at Mainstream, 5 selected start-ups will compete in a pitch competition. This is their chance to pitch their ideas, and your chance to view (and vote!) cutting-edge technology.

We already have a plethora of submissions – from an intelligent platform that uses NLP and machine learning to extract information from technical manuals and maintenance history, to an IIoT platform that monitors and diagnoses the health of industrial assets. So, watch this space, rev up your tech engines and catch the new ideas and innovations powering reliability, maintenance and asset management.


Between 19 - 23 February we will be hosting roundtable discussions (RTDs) in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth – focused on the people, processes, innovations and technology transforming Asset Management and Reliability. Each RTD is limited to 30 people, runs for 3 hours and includes: morning coffee and delicious snacks, lunch, awesome networking and lively debate and discussion. The RTDs are complimentary and vendor-free.