Alongside the conference, Mainstream also hosts two interactive training courses: Planners’ School and Lubrication School.

To explore the full curriculum and content for each course:

Planners’ School – “Discover the tools you need to master the art of effective planning and scheduling"

Lubrication School - "Improve machine reliability through best practice lubrication and oil analysis" - includes the opportunity to get certified through ICML (International Council of Machinery Lubrication)

Each course is limited to 30 participants and is uniquely co-located with Mainstream. This means that participants get to dive deep into training plus each ticket includes access to Mainstream keynotes and networking. There will be 400+ Maintenance and Reliability professionals which offers brilliant networking opportunities and an inspiring buzz.

Mainstream keynotes include:

  • Renowned Reliability Expert, Drew Troyer – “Modernising Your Physical Asset Strategy”
  • AI Expert & Samsung’s former Chief Data Scientist, Dr JT Kostman – “A Marriage of People, Asset Performance & Innovations Changing Our World”
  • Sidney Dekker, Safety Science Innovation Lab, Griffith Uni – “Safety Differently”